North East Refractories is a most modern Refractory production Unit Located near Guwahati, the Holy city of Assam which is world famous for the temple of Mother Goddess Kamakhya.

It is an ISO -9001-2000 certified unit equipped with highly sophisticated manufacturing facilities such as Crushing & Grinding Machines

  • Batching System
  • Mixers
  • Heavy Duty Presses
  • Recuperative Dryers
  • High Temperature Tunnel Kiln (+1750deg C)

An up-to-date R&D and Testing Centre.

A highly qualified and experienced team are the strength of NES who provide world class Products and services to customers. The Philosophy of NES is to Build a Win - Win Partnership with customer by supplying:

  • Zero Defect Product
  • Timely delivery
  • Strong service backup
  • Enchancing Product Performance through continuous study and research.

The Product basket of NES Refractory Consists of:

  • Low, Medium and High Alumina Bricks
  • Insulating Bricks
  • Basic Fired Bricks
  • Magnesia Carbon Bricks
  • Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick
  • Alumina Silicon Carbide Bricks
  • Zircon & Zircon-Mullite Brick
  • Silicon Carbide Bricks
  • Spinal Bricks
  • Porous Plug, Slide Gate Plate and Pre Cast Products
  • Low, Medium & High Alumina Masses
  • Basic Masses
  • Conventional Castables
  • Low Cement Castables
  • Ultra Cement & No Cement Castable
  • Insulating Castables
Flat# 1- A
   Protech Pelican,
   Zoo Japorigog Road
   Guwahati – 781005 Assam,
+91 361 2209965